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Do parenting methods change? Are there real improvements from each fad, or should we stick to proven techniques?
Parenting methodologies go through fads within a year or two--co-sleeping vs independent sleeping, more secure babies with pacifiers vs straight teeth without pacifiers, stroller vs sling vs backpack, the list goes on endlessly.To turn a howling bundle of poopy diapers into a full member of the human family takes a million decisions, balancing a thousand priorities, no two families do it the same, and only a vanishing few do it the same with one child as with the next. That balancing act is between enough different aspects of personality and maturation that the debates one sees go from one seeming consensus to the next fast enough to make your head spin.Parenting changes every day.Yesterday you learned a new way to do some task that you need to keep your kid healthy and happy. Or because parenting is inherently hackish, you'll read a list of life-hacks that were invented two days ago, and learn to apply one or more of them to your individual parenting style. Odds are that next week sometime one of your friends will see your little trick and adopt it, leading to viral knowledge transfer of parenting knowledge.Today you'll coin some new word to help your child pronounce something more easily, and it will become a family in-joke for decades to come.Tomorrow your kid will find a new way to damage or destroy something in your house. By the way, your kid stands a fair chance of BEING that something. You will freak out and try dozens of things to train them out of it, until possibly you think up a trick to keep it from happening, or more likely your kid grows out of it.And so it goes...If you mean "will somebody someday invent a thing that will make parenting a million times easier, and improve the child-rearing process?"  The answer is yes, that happens annually. It will work for 5% of the population, and it will improve their life for a month until their kids grow out of whatever problem the new thing solved. Everyone everywhere will buy one, use it for maybe 3 months, and then it will get passed on to the parents of slightly younger kids. About one in 50 of these things actually work for 5% of the NEXT generation of kids as well, and will be the exception to the law of parenting fads. As to big long-term changes, those happen over the course of generations. It takes about 20 - 25 years to make a major change in how we parent. But even those things go in waves, eg, co-sleeping (parents keeping their infant in bed with them) was supposed to be bad for the children's development of independence in the 1950's, but by the 1970's it was supposed to make them grow into adults with more self-confidence, but by the 1990's one was taught not to co-sleep for fear of rolling over the child. THESE oscillations actually are (slowly) finding ways to solve the disadvantages of one parenting method or other, but the net improvement happens too slowly to do any good for you prospective parents in the audience.
How long does a dentemp filling last?
There is no fixed life span but the ZOE filling is supposed to be a placeholder until the permanent one can be placed. For this reason, the filling is supposed to last only a few days. Another variety of ZOE cement (intermediate restoration) can last for three to five years. But if you keep it with care for a longer period, it will last long enough. Unless there is an external force which is unusually strong, the filling will stay in the cavity. One reason of its dislodgement can also be the shape and size of the cavity.It is preferable to get a permanent one done just so that you can sleep with peace.
How long does the IRS have redemption rights if a property sold at a tax sale had an IRS lien?
Property tax liens generally come before ALL other liens, mortgages, etc. Further the IRS does not generally avail itself of any redemption rights.A client of mine’s mother foreclosed on a mortgage covering a parcel of property owned by the client that attached before an IRS lien • the IRS made no attempt to redeem. The mother made off like a bandit (her mortgage was about $100K and the property worth $300K) since the IRS Lien came in front of all other liens but hers the other creditors went away.
How long does a helium balloon last?
It depends on the material the balloon is made of, how well it's sealed, how much helium is in it, and the external environment (i.e. pressure and temperature).
How long does stay detectable in your system through testing (wiki)?
The high produced by is is anything but “fleeting.” I think people here are confusing it with cocaine. Meth lasts several hours, and an average dose taken in the morning will last into late afternoon before it noticeably begins to fade. Very pure product will even inhibit sleep well into the night - long after the actual euphoria is gone. This longevity, or “legs,” as tweakers call it, is the reason many drug users switch from cocaine to meth. Cocaine: as exhilarating and brief as an orgasm…and within moments one is abruptly dumped into a miserable hell which only more cocaine can alleviate. Meth: not quite as overwhelmingly euphoric as coke, but still pretty damn good and lasts hours instead of minutes. As time passes and the drug is metabolized, the body slowly & almost imperceptibly returns to its normal state, and a slight residual feeling of well-being will remain until sleep (and possibly even the following day upon waking). Most people prefer this to the hours of desperate craving that follow a 4-minute cocaine high. Obviously chronic, daily users won’t get the same mileage, and will tend to use larger amounts with greater & ever-increasing frequency until they can no longer obtain any effect from the drug and must submit to the inevitable crash & suffer through a few days of sleep/food/abstinence in order to renew the cycle.Anyway, the answer to your question is three days.
How long does an FTB tax lien remain on my property after the tax debt has been discharged in bankruptcy?
If you believe you have had a lien released due to bankruptcy, please call the FTB. There are several reasons that your lien might not be released with bankruptcy.BankruptcyIf you filed bankruptcy, contact FTB immediately by phone 916.845.4750 or fax 916.845.9799.Once a lien is recorded, the lien continues in effect for 10 years unless extended for an additional 10 years (California Government Code Section 7172(b)).The FTB does not report lien information directly to the credit bureau agencies. The Notice of State Tax Lien and Release of Lien become public information after being recorded at a county recorder’s office or filed with the California Secretary of State. The credit bureau agencies get the information from either the county recorder or California Secretary of State and report it on your credit bureau report. We do not govern the credit bureau agency’s policy regarding the length of time or the accuracy of the information they keep on your credit bureau report.It has been my experience that tax debt can rarely be written off in a bankruptcy, and you should make enemies out of the collectors assigned to your case. The law is usually on their side. Remember, honey attracts more flies than vinegar. If the balance due was based on a return you filed, or backed by an IRS audit, then the balance is probably due. If the balance is due to an assessment the FTB made (based on information they received), and you have not filed a return, you might have a chance to dispute the balance. Assessments are based on a single filing status with no dependents. If you are married with 10 kids, you probably do not owe and it would behoove you to file a return.Call FTB at the number provided above to talk to an agent, and be nice and sincere. Do not make promises you can’t keep, and be honest. They all pay taxes too…
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